Testimonials for Self Help Book Joyous Expansion

“Refreshingly original and completely organic! Please do yourself a favor and be part of Brett Dupree’s Joyous Expansion! Reading this book will not only improve your life, but the lives of people you interact with every day!”

— Mike Dooley, New York Times Bestselling Author of Infinite Possibilities

“Brett Dupree has broken the glass ceiling of acquiring joy and happiness with his book Joyous Expansion, a well laid out blueprint for understanding life's elusive desire to become joyous. This, simplified with his wonderful storytelling abilities, made for a wonderful read. Thank you, Brett, for a glorious book.”

— Omar J. Rivas, The Rivas Partnership, Advisor, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist

“A fine book that will help readers navigate their way from lifeless habit to joyful freedom.”

— Stephen Garrett, Speaker, Coach, and Author of When Death Speaks

“If you want to live the life you have always dreamed, then start here to realize your destiny!”

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

"Joyous Experience teaches you how to be a master of your destiny, instead of a victim of your history."

- Susan Friedmann, international best-selling author of "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market."

“Brett Dupree is one of the happiest people I have ever met. He seems constantly open and compassionate to all life, and he speaks with a wisdom well beyond his years. This book captures his playful yet profound essence, and I have no doubt that it will have an impact on many, many people.”

— L. Steven Sieden, Author of “A Fuller View: Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All” in Buckminster Fuller’s Universe

“There are books out there that tell you how to be successful, how to get rich, how to impress people. But none of that matters if you aren't happy within your own self. Brett Dupree goes to the very heart of the matter in Joyous Expansion. You need to read this book first.”

— Katie Munoz, CEO of Moving Forward, Inc. and Co-Author of Get Organized Today

“As an avid reader of self-help/empowerment books, I was excited to find new ideas and suggestions in Joyous Expansion that made me want to use them immediately! Many of the ideas I know I will take with me to help teach others.”

— Leigh Daniel, Owner of Advocates of Positive Change, LLC, Certified Family Law Mediator, and Author of The Path through Divorce and The Path to Custody

“If you dream of infusing your life with passion, inspiration, and fun, Joyous Expansion is the book for you. Learn to bounce back from setbacks, own your power, and how to shine!”

— Nora Whalen Coach, Author, CEO of Nora Whalen International, and Co-Founder of Energy of Yes, Inc.

“In person, Brett's authenticity, insight, and energy inspire action and his book Joyous Expansion succeeds in conveying his genuine desire for you to enjoy your own greatness.”

— Angie Charlebois, Lead Coach and Speaker, Mother Lode Coaching

“Brett Dupree's inspiring book can help you connect with your passion and expand your joy from the inside out. His personal stories are a testament to his own amazing journey and the exercises in this book can help you gain valuable clarity. A great catalyst for personal change!”

— Robin O’Grady, Author of The Optimist's Edge: Moving Beyond Negativity to Create Your Amazing Life

“This is a valuable book packed with simple yet powerful advice. Weaving stories and lessons from his own life, Dupree encourages the reader to examine, identify, and make important changes for personal development and growth. This would be a great addition to anyone's self-improvement library.”

— Laura J. Rude, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author of Creating Postpartum Wellness: Natural Solutions to Banish Depression After Childbirth

“Brett draws from scores of sources on spirituality and personal growth, combines them with anecdotes from his own life, and offers specific steps for you to live life with more passion and less worry.”

— Heather Mundell, Life and Career Coach, www.DreamBigCoaching.com

“Brett Dupree’s book, like a good friend, is the kind you want to hang out with! His relevant metaphors and humorous storytelling helps you reclaim your power and live with intention. It’s the touchstone to embracing more passion and joy in your life. Simple truths, easy to read and full of funny.”

—Regena Garrepy Owner of Reclaim Your Essence, and Co-Author of Incredible Life

“By sharing his deeply personal experiences, Brett deftly invites his readers to ‘come closer' to their own personal development paths. He provides brief, but powerful, exercises that encourage readers to take a moment to digest what they have encountered and apply it to their own lives. Unlike a lot of self-help books that promise you a quick fix to your life's problems, Joyous Expansion encourages you to take the time to sort through your personal experiences and apply what you've learned, so you can create the life you love.”

— Victoria Dzenis, CPC, ACC, Creative Business Coach at serenecoaching.com

“Joyous Expansion is fantastic! Brett offers amazing tips to transform your life easily and in profound ways. You will feel the love from the very first page.”

— Mark Porteous, Author of Maximizing Your Human Experience: Seven Powerful Tools to Navigate through the Journey of Your Life, Chief Empowerment Officer at Max Your Life, LLC

“Joyous Expansion is a joy to read. It gives great tips on getting unstuck and how to live a harmonic balance.”

— Laurie Hamilton, Author of Living Your Inspired Life Now!: Revealing the Inner Blueprint for Wellness, Balance and Success

“Brett Dupree simplifies the Law of Attraction in a fun and easy way to understand. Reading Joyous Expansion will increase your quality of life.”

— Jerome Midgette, Author of The Reason God Made Man

“With the use of personal stories, you will learn how to create the life you want and embrace your personal power. Brett Dupree uses the power of words to cast a magical spell of abundance.”

— Lee Davis, Author of Soaring From Within

“Your life will be changed if you read Joyous Expansion. Listen to your inner voice and buy this book”

— Sandra Hixson-Matthews, Author of Real Food Coach KissYourFood.com

“Joyous Expansion gives you practical and fun tools that you can use for the rest of your life!”

— Wanda Buckner, Author of Choosing Energy Therapy

“If your read one book this year, read mine. If you read a second book, check out Joyous Expansion. Brett's sense of humor makes his book very fun to read. The humor allows his message to be easily digested by the reader. Allowing them to transform their lives in many ways.”

— D. Cookie Bouldin, Seattle Police Detective, Author of Violence to VIctory

“Fun stories? Check. Easy to follow lessons? Check. Fun life changing system? Check. Joyous Expansion has all the ingredients to be a fun and compelling life changing book.”

— Moreah Vestan, Author of Diving Right In: Reflecting on Life's Adventures

“Awaken your inner spirit and be ready to take on the world. Joyous Expansion unlocks the key to your power and allows you to be a true self leader.”

— Jennifer Lee Tracy, Author of Sincerely, The Mentor: A Journey of Perception

“Fine book. Good read. I enjoy it. Read it and your life will change!”

— Keith Lawhorn, writer, speaker, small business owner and developer

“Brett's book will allow you to get out of the rat race and feel successful at the same time. You will achieve like you never believe, all the while having a huge smile on your face.”

— Lori Bugawa Whalen, Author of The Courage of a Samurai

“Find your fun! Read this book and discover what it is like to enjoy your life again! Follow the principles of Joyous Expansion will allow you to reconnect with fun while becoming abundant and successful.”

— Dana E. Morrison, Author of Transforming Your Life Now

“Want to win at life? Check out Joyous Expansion”

— Earl Bell, Author of Winning in Baseball and Business

“Embrace the joy of living your life's purpose. Use your passions to live an inspired life!”

— Kathey Nelson, Owner of Resonance Fitness Consulting www.resonancefitnessconsulting.com