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Certified life coach, through inviteCHANGE, co-author of Power to Change, Infinite Possibilities Trainer and inspirational speaker Brett Dupree has hand crafted his book in three years after he decided to put everything he learned on living a joy filled life on paper.

For most of Brett Dupree's life he lived in fear. As a person who dedicated most of his life to not getting hurt, he seemed like the last person to ever right a book. From the age of 8 till he turned 26 he spent many years making sure he would not be close to anyone and always felt lonely, even when surrounded by friends and family. He had many goals and aspirations in life that would never happen because he was to scared of the embarrassment of failure and the attention that comes from success.

When he turned 26 took a good look at his life and he didn't like it. He never had meaningful relationships, he didn't believe any of his friends actually liked him and his career was nowhere close to what he wanted. He dedicated his life to figuring out what it takes to live a life full of joy. The more and more he learned, the more and more his friends suggested that he shared what he learned to help make this world a better place.

He took them up on their suggestion in becoming a life coach, co-Author of Power to Change, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and a inspirational speaker. He also put everything he learned as what is a foundation to living a joyous life in his book Joyous Expansion: Unleashing Your Passions to Lead an Inspired Life.

Brett Dupree put everything he learned that is the basis for permanent, lasting change for you to create the life of your dreams. He believes a great spiritual transformation is just around the corner, and he coaches people on how to ride the powerful wave of awakening that is sweeping this world.

Be a part of that change and pick of a copy of Joyous Expansion: Unleashing Your Passions to Lead an Inspired Life today!