#1 Self Help Book! Joyous Expansion

JOYOUS EXPANSION is the book for unlocking your passion. Let Brett Dupree help guide you to a life of purpose, abundance and inspiration!

Joyous Expansion Book Trailer

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Brett Dupree has discovered a key to living an inspired life with passion. Using personal stories, and his Joyous Expansion Intention System, Brett can teach you how to achieve all of your dreams with passion.
This clear and down-to-earth book is filled with practical tips that will increase your joy.

You will learn how to:
  • Incorporate your passion and inspiration into your daily life
  • Reduce the rubber band effect after moments of great clarity and joy, when you go back to your daily life
  • Achieve harmonic life balance so all aspects of your life have the correct growth for the time
  • Bring your spirituality into your reality
  • Transform your goals into projects
  • Get out of the rat race and enjoy the journey
  • Leverage the difference between inspiration and motivation
  • Write powerful intentions that focus your determination to reach your desires
  • Use the intentions you write to create tasks, practices, habits and projects
  • Apply the Eight Keys to Joy
  • Celebrate your life and learn from your outcomes!

This book will show you how to reach your ultimate potential while having a great time!